Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How to Understand Globalization

The following is not meant to repudiate globalization, merely to open people's minds about its potential influence on the world's future if practiced without the restraints of strict regulations based on wisdom and morality.

What should we do to understand it

1. Follow the money trail, follow the power
2. Discern illusion from reality, especially with media outlets
3. Listen to experts who offer a meaningful critique
4. Study & verify sources and footnotes
5. Apply liberal doses of common sense

What is Globalization? It is the collective effect of purposeful and amoral manipulation that seeks to centralize economic, political, technological and societal forces in order to accrue maximum profit and political power to global banks, global corporations and the elitists who run them.
"Free Trade" is the central mantra. Globalization is set against national sovereignty, closed borders, trade tarrifs and anything that would restrict its goals and methods used to achieve them.
Globalization promotes regional and global government, a one-world economic system of trade and a form of fascism where global corporations and their elite control the policies and directives of individual governments.
The original and primary perpetrators of modern-day globalization number only in the 100's, representative of which, but not exclusively, are members of The Trilateral Commission.

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