Saturday, September 12, 2009

Does Anything Ever Change In Politics?

I can’t believe people’s fickleness. At the end of the Bush era everybody got hoarse clamoring for CHANGE, chanting YES, WE CAN, and now, only 8 months later, people let themselves be hoodwinked by a bunch of self-serving party hacks in the Congress of the United States, who instead of representing their constituents, side up with their real masters - the guys of Corporate America – in blocking that very change the majority of the people had demanded. One can only hope that at the very end wisdom will prevail, and people will finally come to realize that public options, like public schools, public transportation, public parks, public television, public safety, and yes, public health (like Medicare and Medicaid) don’t constitute socialism. Rather, they are what a modern democratic government is supposed to provide its citizens. Other countries, like the U.K., Canada, France, Argentina, and most others provide them, and nobody believes they are socialist countries.